Helping kids get better since 1926

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Children's Medical Charities Association

CMCA was formed with the mission of “helping kids get better” CMCA supports non-profit charitable organizations located in the Tulsa area that provide healthcare, welfare, and educational services benefiting children 18 and younger.

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CMCA Thrift Shop at Hillcrest

1125 S. Utica Ave, Tulsa, OK - located at the SE corner of 11th and Utica.

Shop hours Tuesday - Friday 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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Our thrift shop is staffed and operated by volunteers with 100% of our proceeds benefiting non-profit charitable organizations for children located in the Tulsa area.  

Remember Children's Medical Charities Thrift shop when you have items to donate.  We count on the public for that.  Hope to see you here! 

Children's Medical Charities Association awarded over $77,055 in grants benefiting children for 2015 !!


CMCA Thrift Shop Sign

Children's Medical Charities Association

CMCA is the surviving philanthropic arm of the Children’s Medical Center Auxiliary of Tulsa.  The organization continues to serve children today from the proceeds earned at the Thrift Avenue store located at 1125 S. Utica (by Hillcrest Hospital).  CMCA awards numerous philanthropic gifts to non-profits who serve children in a variety of settings from baby formula to providing a safe place for students.


History of CMCA

The History of CMCA can boast many more accomplishments than those briefly described below.  The 59-year history of CMCA is a story of change and constants. The accomplishments are a testament to successfully adapting to change.  The legacy of love the members have for children and each other is the constant.  CMCA has grown from an Auxiliary and Association into a sisterhood of beloved friends.